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Long Island Wedding Photographer Q&A: 5 Questions All Couples Have

Get answers to the big questions that couples have for their Long Island wedding photographers.

Wedding planning involves many decisions, and those decisions come with a lot of questions. Finding realistic answers for real couples can be tricky! That’s why we’re tackling five of the most common questions that couples have for their Long Island wedding photographers.

1. Why wedding photography is so expensive?

The cost of wedding photography can be a tricky subject. On the one hand, couples getting married have a lot of planning to do, usually on a tight budget! On the other hand, wedding photographers are skilled professionals who add amazing value to your day.

When you pay for wedding photography, you’re paying for:

  1. someone who understands your style and photography goals
  2. help planning your wedding photography timeline and locations
  3. a backup plan in case of last minute changes or emergencies
  4. time and people management on your wedding day
  5. all your questions answered
  6. hours of wedding photography!
  7. expert photo editing
  8. a carefully designed wedding album
  9. beautifully preserved memories from one of the most important days in your life

Wedding photography can seem expensive.

But when you consider the value that you get, it starts to look like a real bargain!

2. Why a professional wedding photographer?

These days, everyone has a camera in their pocket. So why make the investment in a professional photographer?

A professional Long Island wedding photographer gives you:

  1. years of experience with photography, staging and posing people, and photo editing
  2. a contract to provide peace of mind
  3. a timeline for when you can expect your photos and album
  4. experience navigating Long Island
  5. relationships with other vendors and venues
  6. insider knowledge about the best places to take photos
  7. high-quality images that capture every important moment from your big day
  8. an eye for the details that will be most special to have preserved in photos

With a professional photographer, you know you’re going to end the day with gorgeous, expertly-taken photos to help you remember your wedding.

3. How to find a local wedding photographer?

Hiring a local wedding photographer can make a big difference to how smoothly your wedding day goes! To find the right Long Island wedding photographer for you, use a combination of:

  1. browsing local photographers’ online portfolios
  2. asking local friends and family
  3. online search
  4. asking for recommendations from local wedding vendors

You can also look for wedding photos taken at your venue. This lets you know that not only are you getting a local Long Island wedding photographer, you’re getting one who has first-hand experience with your exact venue. This means they’ll know where to take all the best photos!

4. What’s the best place to get married on Long Island?

There’s really no right answer to this one — there are so many beautiful spots to choose from! But you can narrow it down by thinking about:

  1. where on Long Island is special to you
  2. whether you prefer a beach, vineyard, downtown, historic house, museum, or catering hall (Long Island really has it all!)
  3. your personal style
  4. how formal or casual you want the day to be

If you need a few ideas to get started, browse our list of venues and photo locations to see what weddings in each place can look like!

5. How to get good wedding photos?

Getting good wedding photos starts with finding the right Long Island wedding photographer.

  1. Choose a photographer that you communicate well with and whose work you love.
  2. Pick beautiful photo locations that mean something to you.
  3. Be willing to play around with poses and groups on your wedding day.
  4. Have an emergency kit with things like safety pins, stain remover, and garment tape.

But most of all, relax and enjoy yourself! This is your big day. Lean into the excitement and joy that you feel. The best wedding photos happen when you stop worrying about the camera and simply focus on the people you love.