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Most Popular Wedding Months on Long Island

Considering your big day dates (and avoiding the marriage dates), there are pros and cons to choosing a day during one of the most common marriage months. The best-loved wedding months on the bright side are needed for a reason. Those months are generally known for mild weather and are not common during the super season so visitors can book trips and accommodation easier. But, in one of these common months, there is a downside to setting the date. At this time of year, demand for locations and vendors is likely to be high, and when you have a long commitment, some suppliers will be reserved. In fact, during the "peak season," most venues and vendors charge extra, so you might consider those prices higher.

Nine percent of Long Isalnd couples are getting married In August, making this the fifth most popular wedding month. August is common for holidays (especially for students or educators) so that during this year, your guests may be more inclined and willing to escape the wedding. Because the hurricane season on Long Island starts at the end of August, some of the danger involved is hosting a holiday in this region. It's the hottest season of the year.

September Here's a fun thing about a Long Island wedding: couples love to get married. This is the fourth most famous month of wedding in September when 36 per cent of couples get married, with 11 per cent married. September gives the autumn feeling, but in many parts of the country it offers still warm summer weather (though like August you will run the risk of hurricanes on Long Isalnd).

May is a romantic season and couples certainly prefer the flowers of May to April! May (12 percent Long Island couples marry in May) is, for good reason, one of the most popular wedding months — the hotter weather and the feeling of rebirth that spring brings, which is so perfect for marriages. In reality, spring was the most common wedding season traditionally, but it is now sixth. The so-called "peak wedding season" which goes on until October may also begin. The season's most anticipated wedding venues and suppliers are such that if you host your big day during the time of year, you will have more competition from the requested suppliers.

June is a time of relaxation and holidays for many, so June is one of the most common wedding months and 12 per cent of marrying couples in June does not shock. In reality, summer is the second most common wedding season and 31 percent of married couples in summer. June temperatures tend to be slightly milder than steamy in July and August, so it's no surprise couples choose summer soirées this month. June was actually the most famous wedding month in 2015.

October was the most famous month of Long Island weddings in recent years. Indeed, October saw three of 2019's most popular wedding dates (7th, 14th, and 21st). Regarding your fall wedding, you will enjoy it so much at this time of the year: the warm weather, the cozy atmosphere, the changing leaves, pumpkins, apples and more! Raise a cider glass in October, the most common month for marriages!

And if your wedding month is interesting, December and January aren't shocking, and when it comes to common wedding months, December and January are at the very edge. Outdoor weddings in certain parts of the world do not occur in the winter due to cold weather and increased snow chances, and couples are usually afraid of cold-weather weddings. We believe, however, that winter marriages are beneficial. Many manufacturers give off-season deals, and your visitors enjoy a fun experience during the sometimes dreary, colder months.