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Wedding Photographers Receiving Thanks to You Company Letters

Imagine walking into the morning mailbox. A tiny envelope containing a folded handwritten note comes out of between the utility bills and the nail salon coupons. On it he reads: because of you and your abilities, our day was truly magical. Whenever we look at our wedding photos, we are taken back to the moment immediately; laughing and crying again. Thank you for the precious gift.

Chateau at Coindre Hall 3

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Chateau at Coindre Hall 101 Browns Rd, Huntington, NY 11743

Through feelings like these it's obvious that wedding photography is more than just images, or even telling a story. At the heart of what wedding photography do is hit the heart— capture those moments that will resonate intensely with the wedding couple, their families, and their friends forever.

The Crescent Beach Club 14

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The Crescent Beach Club 333 Bayville Ave, Bayville, NY 11709

RELIVING THE DAY A glance at the set of testimonial notes of every experienced wedding photographer reveals that the emotions of their clients continue to go well beyond a fine, respectful acknowledgment of a well delivered professional service.
Most of these expressions of appreciation come from the client's perspective of seeing the pictures and recalling the day— maybe for the first time only understanding elements of that.

Having merely a "blur," the old wedding cliché of the day still remains true. When time goes on, the pair will be able to go back and relive all those amazing history stories and side narratives from the pictures before them.

Just think about it. Bride and groom are at the forefront and center of activities during the day. Yet, as is often the case in these situations, the mindset is excessively worried with the immediate moment. When they go back later and see photos of all the wonderful bits they missed, it's like seeing a rose blossom in complete. At last they get to see the wedding as it really was.

Wedding photographers frequently hear couples or bridal party members say they didn't even know the camera was in there, taking shots in the midst of the flurry, and recording all the action. It is of course the mark of a true professional and a recognition of his time-tested talents.


Thank you notes from weddings not only benefit from your natural talent as a visual storyteller, but often also derive from some form of personal link with the clients. Individuals who believe they know you better are more likely to compose certain letters. It's not unusual for wedding photographers to do the wedding of a client, and then get asked to do the wedding of the client's wife, then one of the wedding of the bridesmaids etc. They are more like relatives, and are more likely to receive personal thanksgiving memories.

Some wedding photojgraphers may even be desirous of this kind of recognition. Especially when it comes from a journalistic or editorial context where recognition is a resource limited to. To a news journalist, distant relationships and long lonely hours are of rigour. Weddings allow the photographer to create personal relations, and the resulting appreciation for their work is the fondant on the cake.

Several leaders would also reciprocate, writing back, the thank you notes. Yet be vigilant. It can turn into strong relationships based on trust and respect, so make sure you're on the lookout for new loyal mates who think you're pretty amazing.

One of the most beautiful compliments any wedding photographer can receive is an acknowledgment of their overall wedding commitment (while it appears easy). It indicates the customer appreciates the relationship, but at the same time indicating to the photographer that he was not just punching one clock.


Not always ends the importance of getting thanks with professional satisfaction. Sometimes, it goes straight to your humanity's heart, and what importance you offer to the world around you.

If you're long enough in this game, then you'll run into situations that test your fiber as a human being. At a wedding at which the mother of the bride was terminally ill and she died after the service, weeks later. After the inevitable end, the photographer made sure to catch some moments between the bride and her mother that day, realizing the importance of such a series. At the introduction of these photographs the bride was overwhelmed, resulting in a profoundly emotional bond that included a series of heart-wrenching letters of thanks.

We all have witnessed glorious wedding boughs that spring from bittersweet roots: the missing father; the strangled sibling; the fragile grandma... these things bear a heavy weight that demands a delicate but assured heart. There will be moments in those photos which weigh far heavier than the excitement of a new love storybook.

In such instances a deeper sense is always found in one's work. To reconcile heavenly joy with earthly struggles is hard not to empathize with a client's struggle. You are looking deeper into what's going to be relevant for the couple in your approach that day. At some point you are transcending the work and communicating on a more personal level with each other; helping people find meaning in life, and living with meaning.

Nevertheless, customer expressions of appreciation will affirm and extend your position not only as a photographer but across the globe. The reviews are what feeds the computer but what feeds the spirit is the thank you notes. And the ones are the most nourishing by far.

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