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The evolution of wedding photography

While the fundamentals of marriage remained unchanged, many aspects of marriage — including wedding photography — have remained unchanged.

Once upon a time, wedding photography was a formal affair. Your grandparents and grandparents' wedding photos are likely to be incredibly formal, often featuring newlyweds in almost standardized poses — outside the church or against a background. While these snapshots are still treasured, wedding photography has moved away from this formality.

Now, wedding photography is much more natural; rather than a checklist of essential poses and shots, photographers capture the day as it unfolds. This change in the style of wedding photography is documented by Lake District Country Hotels.

Documenting the day As mentioned above, the brides are moving away from static, posing photography in favor of styles that truly capture their day. While the bulky cameras of the past withdrew from wedding photography to the cramped studios for wedding shoots after the ceremony itself, a lot has changed as a result of portable, modern cameras.

Only recently did we see a shift to documentary-style photography that captures the candid shots of the bride and groom and their guests at every stage of their special day — from getting ready, right through to their first dance. This could never have been possible without technological advancement; previously limited to film cameras, photographers can now shoot and store almost endless photos on just one memory card.

This shift also benefits photographers. While the little details, such as the position of the bridesmaids' bouquet, were once haunted, imperfect photos are now desired by couples. That doesn't mean, of course, that bad photography is wanted — far from it. Rather, couples now appreciate quirky shots that show their day what it really is — whether it's a bride getting giggles during the ceremony or younger guests pulling funny faces.

Humor This brings us to our next point; couples are actively looking for humor in their wedding photos. While no couple wants to look stupid on their big day, there's a growing preference for stupid shots alongside more serious, candid shots.

Examples of this type of shot that you may recognize include the groomsmen who raise the bride or the bridesmaids who stand under the bride's veil. Some couples may even buy their own props to the silly ante — the grooms can get sticker transfers for the soles of their shoes that say 'help me,' which the congregation will see as they kneel at the altar, unknown to the bride!

These little quirks are growing in popularity as a way of capturing the personality of the bride and groom and the overall atmosphere of the day. The shots are often what the brides and grooms look back on after the day is over.

Dramatic shots Of course, there's a serious side to wedding photography. Getting married is one of the most important days of your life, so naturally, you're going to want the romantic shots that show you the love you have for each other.

Again, the possibilities of capturing these shots have changed with new technology. Drones with cameras, for example, can be used to capture aerial shots of the bride and groom in a remote setting, capturing the beauty of their location.

In essence, however, without the backgrounds to match, these dramatic, breathtaking shots could not be created. Couples are increasingly selecting their wedding venue based on where they are located.
Formats As photographers move away from film photography, the availability of various formats has increased. The rise of digital photography means that brides and grooms now have the option of a traditional wedding album, or of receiving their photos on a memory stick or on a digital drive. Usually, the latter two formats are at a reduced cost, helping couples save some cash on their special day without compromising the quality of their photos.

As we discussed, the styles of wedding photography have evolved over the years. Whether you prefer formal shots or more candid images, what's important is that you choose a photographer who can beautifully capture the unfolding of your day and the memories you've made.