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subway wedding photography


Are you wondering how long each photo session of your wedding day will take?

We've got a super-comprehensive wedding photography timeline.

We're here to help you plan the day according to your needs.

These are just guidelines, of course, but they give a great look at what's generally involved in every kind of photographic session, from getting ready to sneak away at the reception. Each wedding is your own beast, including yours, so take the timeline of this wedding photograph with an eye on your own needs, skip and add as needed.


Time Allocation: 30-40 Minutes

Time of Day: During the preparation of a couple

Location: Hotel Room, Suite, or Home Tip: When we first arrive, we'll take your details first. Having your dress / suit, shoes, jewelry, and flowers together in one area, when we arrive, ensures that we have more time to take pictures of your details. Pre-wedding areas can be wonderfully chaotic, and sometimes we need to take your dress/outfit to a quieter, better lit area that can be anywhere from the hotel lobby to the outdoors.


Time Allocation: 45 Minutes Time of Day:

Morning Location: Hotel Room, Suite, or Home Tip: these photos are the only way that a couple will be able to share with each other the moments they spent preparing for a big day (unless you're ready!). During this time, your photographers will split up with a couple (if you want to!) and focus on candid photojournalism: a couple and their crew nervously helping with cufflinks and pinning buttonholes and getting dressed. This emotion-filled time is often the most popular photo of the day.

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Time Allotment: 20-30 Minutes

Time of Day:

After Preparations Location: Suite, Venue Lobby, Venue Garden Tip: The best time for a couple's individual portraits is just after the prep is finished. While makeup and hair are fresh, it's the perfect time to take advantage of the natural light flowing through the window. If couples don't see each other before the ceremony, it's also a good time to take pictures of the wedding party before they're all together.


Allotment: 20-30 Minutes

Time of Day: Before

Ceremony Location: Second Location or Ceremony Location Tip: The first time a couple sees each other on their wedding day can be an emotional moment and many couples choose to have that moment before the ceremony, without the eyes of all their guests. This could be a wonderful time to breathe in the moment, shut off all the stress of the guests and the timelines, and just be together. This is also a perfect opportunity to get some photos of just the two of you in case things go late as the day progresses, as well as photos of the wedding party. Many couples choose to take a first look in order to have all their group and family photos finished before the ceremony, especially those who would rather be at their cocktail hour than using that time for photography.


Time Allocation: 45 Minutes

Time of Day: After

First Look or After

Ceremony Location: First Look Location, Ceremony Location, or Venue Garden Tip: Wedding Party photos can vary greatly from wedding to wedding. Some couples like natural, friendly group shots, while some love partying, with creative fun loaded with props and goofiness. We love to have a couple shot with each of their wedding party members. These shots are always best done outside while there's still a lot of light.


Time Allocation: 45 Minutes

Time of Day: After First Look or After Ceremony Location: First Look Location, Ceremony Location or Venue Garden Tip: Depending on the size of your family and the importance to you of extended family formals, some couple choose to make a list of group formals to ensure that no one is missed, and some choose just a kind of wing. No matter what option you have, it's always helpful to have a family member on each side as a helper, to round everyone up and make sure that everyone important is included.

Photo details: Avalon Park Long Island New York


Time Allocation: 20-30 Minutes

Time of day: Immediately prior to the ceremony Location: Ceremony Location Tip: This is the time to take pictures of the venue as guests arrive. With all the hustle and bustle of the day, the couple will most likely never fully see the ceremony venue and all its details. This is a chance for us not only to get those shots, but also the anticipation as family and friends greet each other for the first time that day


Time Allocation: 1 Hour Time of Day: 30 to 45 Minutes before Sunset Location: Second Location or Venue Tip: If you've made a first look and wedding party photos you'll most likely not need a full hour and you'll have a good time. If you've chosen your venue for the beautiful skylines, the beach or the boardwalk, it's time to take advantage of those sweet, romantic shots that will last a lifetime. Sometimes we're going to bring you into the perfect light for a beautiful pose, and sometimes we're going to hang back and let you just be.

If you haven't done a first look, this time you'll be divided between family formals, a wedding party, and then a photo walk with a couple. So make sure you're leaving a lot of time!


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Time Allotment: 30-40 Minutes Time of Day: Cocktail Hour Location: Venue Tip: during cocktail hour is the perfect time for us to get all the details of the reception, including the centerpieces, gift tables, cakes and any other homemade or important elements in the room, as well as to set up our lighting for the evening events. Some couples love the romantic shots of just the two of them in the room before their guests are allowed to enter.


Time Allotment: 10-20 Minutes

Time of Day: After Dark Location: Outside of Venue Tip: The reception sneak out is probably our favorite part of the evening. After everyone had eaten and opened the dance floor, we found an interesting area and set our lights up for some dramatic night portraits. Depending on the location and weather, it could be outdoors or even a dark, romantic nook somewhere in the building. We understand how important it is for you to get back to your guests, so we'll get you in and out in just a few minutes for a beautiful, romantic end to your wedding day!