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Bourne Mansion

If you want your wedding to be dramatic and elegant, we highly recommend the gorgeous Bourne Mansion.

Bridgeview Yacht Club

Bridgeview Yacht Club is one of the most picturesque spots for a wedding on Long Island. It’s elegant setting is the perfect place for any wedding.

Chateau Briand

At Chateau Briand, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into the early 20th century, but with all the luxury and comfort of a modern wedding venue.

Chateau La Mer

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married on the waterfront, we cannot recommend Chateau La Mer highly enough! Located in Lindenhurst

Coindre Hall

Have you ever dreamed of getting married in a castle? What if we told you it was possible -- without leaving Long Island? - Coindre Hall is exactly that

Crescent Beach-

The Crescent Beach Club has all the amenities you need to pull your wedding off without a hitch: gourmet, customized catering...

Crest Hollow

Crest Hollow Country Club is exactly the sort of elegant, classic wedding venue that you picture when you think of a Long Island wedding.


With its mix of country club elegance and nautical charm, Danford’s Hotel & Marina overlooks Port Jefferson Harbor on the north side of Long Island.

East Wind Long Island

Just a short drive away from Wildwood State Park on the North Fork of Long Island sits East Wind, a breathtakingly beautiful spot for your special day.

Flowerfield Celebrations

A private estate on the North Shore of Long Island, Flowerfield is the perfect spot for the glamorous wedding you’ve always dreamed of having.

Fox Hollow

Do you love the idea of vintage glamour in a thoroughly modern setting? Then we thoroughly recommend taking a look at Fox Hollow Catering!

Giorgio's LI

Giorgio’s is one of the most popular wedding venues on Long Island. The rolling greens stretch out endlessly behind the beautiful manor

Glen Cove Mansion

If you’ve always dreamed of a glamorous wedding, you’ll love the Glen Cove Mansion. They don’t just give you a wedding day

Hallockville Museum Farm

Hallockville Museum Farm is perfect if you prefer a style that is more rustic than high-fashion, if you swoon for historic charm more than modern glamour.

Heritage Club

Heritage Club offers dozens of high-end amenities, including valet parking and custom decor plans.


If your perfect wedding includes great wine, amazing food, and a stylish gathering in a beautiful building, then your perfect wedding venue might be Insignia Steakhouse in Smithtown.

Jericho Terrace

For the dreamiest, most glamorous black tie weddings, there really is no better option than Jericho Terrace. This award-winning banquet hall

Land's End Waterfront Catering

Land’s End Waterfront Catering is the epitome of seaside charm. If you picture yourself saying “I do” with waves and sun in the background

Larkfield Manor

There are few spots on Long Island more beautiful than the Larkfield Manor. Located on the North Shore, walking into Larkfield is like having a private Tuscan villa of your very own.

Leonard's Palazzo

If you want a wedding that is truly unforgettable, you’re going to love Leonard’s Palazzo. Located in Great Neck, just a short drive from the Little Neck

Long Island Aquarium