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Chateau Briand

At first, downtown Carle Place may seem like an odd place for a wedding venue.

But once you see the elegant Chateau Briand, you’ll be just as enchanted as we were the first time we were there.

Thoroughly modern on the outside, the inside is an Art Deco dream.

With sweeping staircases, mirror-covered walls, curtains that tumble across multiple stories, and geometric metalwork providing the finishing touch.

The Chateau contains multiple ballrooms to fit any size or style of party, including the Leonardo da Vinci, Saturnalia, and Normandy banquet halls.

For those who like the be under the stars, there is an outdoor garden terrace perfect for walking down the aisle or for an intimate wedding reception.

At Chateau Briand, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into the early 20th century with all the luxury and comfort of a modern wedding venue.

Their amenities include everything you need to plan a high end wedding. Valet parking, a private bridal room and photo studio, and five-star, gourmet catering.

They can even provide accommodations for your guests, which means the fantastic parties there last long into the night.

The combination of modern and vintage may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we personally love the contrast it provides.

It's glamour adds to the photographs! No matter where you wander in Chateau Briand, you’ll have a beautiful backdrop for every portrait or candid moment.

We love to look at the wedding photos we’ve taken at the Chateau over and over again. We are positive you’ll feel exactly the same about your own wedding photography if you get married here!

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Chateau Briand

440 Old Country Rd

Carle Place, NY 11514