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Hallockville Museum Farm is perfect if you prefer a style that is more rustic than high-fashion, if you swoon for historic charm more than modern glamour. With over 500 acres and 250 years of history, the museum farm is a location for a wedding unlike any other.

Tucked into the wine country of Long Island’s North Fork, Hallockville is listed on the National Registry of Historic Landmarks. It is an official Riverhead Town Landmark. Full of rolling hills and scenic farmland, it’s a perfect wedding spot for the couple that wants to arrange everything themselves. You can choose your own caterer, bring your preferred flowers. Also you can decide whether you want to be under the stars or under a tent. It’s just right for a DIY bride and an intimate, personalized wedding.

The grounds are perfect for an outdoor wedding and reception. You can also gather your guests inside for a rustic reception in the Nargles Barn. Built in 1937, the barn can accommodate up to 150 people and is a historic charmer of a building. If you think of your wedding and picture real wood walls, piles of wildflowers, a live band, and strings of twinkle lights, then the Nargles Barn is the perfect place for you.

When we first discovered Hallockville, we couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful grounds and sweet buildings. The fields and sky stretch towards each other endlessly. Everywhere you turn there’s a piece of history to stumble on. It’s the sort of setting that is a photographer’s dream.. which makes it perfectly dreamy for a wedding too!

Hallockville Museum Farm

6038 Sound Avenue

Riverhead, New York 11901

Phone: 631.298.5292