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There are not too many spots on Long Island more beautiful than the Larkfield Manor. Located on the North Shore, walking into Larkfield is like having a private Tuscan villa of your very own.

Here, soaring wood ceilings tower over stone floors, stone pillars surround outdoor terraces, and staircases are decorated with curling, old-fashioned metalwork. In the spring, fountains splash in secluded courtyards while flowers climb up the buildings made of sun-warmed stone. In the winter, the terraces are covered with fluffy drifts of white snow and ice sparkles on the miniature bridges. It’s a seasonless space, one that looks truly beautiful no matter when you find yourself there.

Larkfield prides itself on having all the amenities of a high-end wedding venue and we can attest that they do not disappoint. They have everything you need to feel like pampered royalty. Valet parking, custom floral decor, and an absolutely delicious menu. Best of all, they provide you with a personal wedding consultant who is onsite to take care of all the details so you can enjoy your wedding day.

And yet, there’s something about Larkfield that brings out the playful side of brides and grooms. It’s an elegant venue that people can’t resist having fun in. Every time we’ve worked at Larkfield, we find ourselves capturing dozens of wonderful, spontaneous moments, and we can’t wait to do it again.

It is a perfect venue for your wedding photos.

Long Island Weddings

Larkfield Manor

507 Larkfield Road

East Northport NY, 11731

Phone: 631.368.4422