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The Electrolight Wedding

Chateau Briand 18

It’s not an electrolyte, but it still gets you pumped.

Electrolight is characterized by light and pulsating beats. Signature drinks are mixed with tonic water so they glow. Blacklights highlight the bride’s beauty and make her glow in her white gown. Electronic dance music plays all through the night.

We want to remind you of your best days at Electric Daisy Carnival and make the best night of your life as fun as possible.

So what does Electrolight mean?

Electrolight is a new wedding theme for those who love to party. It’s flashy and classy, but not trashy.

We at LIBrideTalk love etymology, so let’s break it down for you.

The beginning of the word, electro-, stems from electronic and electricity. With this, we’re talking about not only electronic dance music, but also the feeling of being a live wire and being alive. It’s the electricity that happens before your first kiss, or the jittery feeling you have while saying your vows.

The back half of the word, -light, is kind of obvious. It’s light! We want your wedding day to be bright and colorful and as radiant as you are. Whether this is done through disco balls, black lights, glowing drinks, or your gorgeous complexion, we want light to be accentuated throughout the day.

Electrolight is also a pun on electrolyte. We know about electrolytes through sports drinks and working out, but we don’t really know what they do. Electrolytes help to give your body energy, and we hope Electrolight does too. (Also, you can have both electrolytes and Electrolight on your wedding day so you can stay pumped. Win-win!)

What does Electrolight entail?

Electrolight is bright and full of energy! It means bright lights, great music, and a good time. But we have some specifics for you, if you want.

Glow up with some highlighter! Contouring has blown up in the past year, and highlighting is a huge part of that. It accentuates the best parts about your face and gives your complexion shimmer and shine. You don’t even need lights to glow if you have the right highlighter. Dust away!

Bring it on at the bar! People love nothing more than good drinks at a wedding, so make your signature drink something a little more special. Combining tonic water with some of your drinks can help them to glow under blacklight. Instagram and guests will go wild for a glow-in-the-dark drinks. Shine on!

Shine bright in the light! Having a DJ with a killer light setup can make a night go from good to great. Keep it bright, but also dark enough to have a good time. Think of a fun, European discotheque you visited while you were in college. Forget the soft-toned lighting here; this is about partying. Also, blacklights can bring out the best in your dress if you choose to have them! Brides always glow in blacklight because of that stunning white gown.

So how do I do it?

Electrolight is super easy to pull off! It isn’t expensive if you know where to look. Finding blacklights for cheap is best found right after Halloween, and tonic water can be found at the dollar store. The DJ can curate your music, or you could forgo a DJ and make your own playlist! It’s a wedding theme that won’t break the bank but guarantees a good night had by all.