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Tips for Working With Your Wedding Day Vendors

When deciding the decorative final touches for your reception set up, you may think that your only option is to go floral or go home. Modern brides are throwing that expectation to the wind, however, and making their own non-floral centerpiece decisions that fit their personalities best. If you want to think of a couple options without worrying about wilt-able blooms, here are a couple of our recent favorites!

Start with a seascape as your possible floral alternative. Living on an island has a lot of benefits, one major of which being that we’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of large bodies of water. Take a little inspiration for your nautical surroundings and have sea-friendly centerpieces of candles, sand, and assorted sea shells. Large, tropical shells are available in many places locally, as well as readily available online; find your perfect assortment, add a glass jar or two with sand and pillar candles, and you’ll have a sensational centerpiece that you’ll never have to worry about wilting.

You can always light the way with lovely lanterns. Whether you’re looking for a chic garden theme, a modern crisp feel or a vintage appeal, there are many different and detailed lanterns available to act as both mood lighting and centerpiece. Choose a large glass-paned lantern with light pastel candle sticks for a clean modern or garden theme. How about those intricate punched tin antique lanterns that you find in museums and magazines? Many manufacturers are creating reproductions at a third of the price that the antique originals can cost, and of course you’ll be amazed at what you can find at yard sales and flea markets! Keep your eyes peeled and you should be pleasantly surprised at your end product! Want your tin lantern to have more of a garden theme; simply paint your (reproduction!) lanterns white.

Lastly, why not intertwine a little bit of nature into your big day by bringing the outdoors in. Just because you’re staying away from a standard floral arrangement does not mean that you need to stay away from natural life. There are so many green options for your centerpieces; maybe you’re like an arrangement of succulents or herbs. There are always beautiful splays of grasses and heaps of wheat. If you are interested in one of our favorites, though, you’ll take advantage of what nature leaves behind every season and every storm: bunches of bare branches make for fabulously versatile and unique centerpieces. Great for hanging crystals, tea candle lanterns, and ornaments; branches, whether real and weathered or artificial, give your tables a seasonal feel while setting the stage for your other added touches and elements.