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Kids at Your Wedding: What to Do About It

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Kids at weddings could go from a blessing to a nightmare in a matter of minutes. We all love children, but sometimes the tantrums are too much to bear. Screaming kids can tank a ceremony, and a lack of chicken nuggets can ruin a reception. Then we have some tips for managing children at your wedding!

Distract, Distract, Distract

Kids love to play. Toss a few games their way and maybe even have a whole game table for the kids. Some parents are wary about their children becoming addicted to smartphones, so some classic board games like Connect Four, Sorry, and Battleship will let the kids play without getting carried away. These games are simple, they aren’t loud, and it’s pretty hard to cheat at them, so few complaints will be hurled your way.

Include Them

We all know what it was like to sit at your aunt and uncle’s boring wedding as a child. We really wanted to spend their special day with them, but they were so caught up with everything that they couldn’t even really stop to say hello.

It’s important to not forget the kids. A lot of kids spend time vying for attention, so instead of having a screaming child stealing the spotlight at your reception, offer them a dance and a tiny photo op so they won’t feel neglected.

Kid-Friendly Food

Most children do not know what an endive salad and will probably refuse to eat one. And though we want our children to eat better than chicken nuggets, it helps parents with fussy kids to eat at an event and not scream about how they’re starving or want a Happy Meal.

Offer kid-friendly foods at your reception. When the venue refuses to provide it, you may have to make them yourself, but it’s way easier than having a few unhappy guests. Also, kids love cake, so that will always be a hit with them. Try to offer a lot of sweets to keep your tiny guests satisfied.