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If your idea of perfect engagement photos includes a full day of seaside beauty, local charm, and fun exploration, then there’s no better place to go than Northport Village.

It is located on the North Shore of Long Island. Curling around Northport Bay, this sweet little community is the perfect spot for playful romance on your wedding.

Northport has been a popular destination ever since 1868, when it was connected to the Long Island Railroad.

The village today still retains its small-town charm.

Old trolley tracks still wind their way down the center of Main Street.

In the same time cobbled sidewalks wind their way between local business, many housed in historic buildings.

The whole downtown has an old fashioned, vintage feel to it.

It is especially noticeable at night, when the street lamps light up and the village is bathed in a warm glow that feels like stepping into another century.

If you head towards the Bay, you’ll find yourself at Cow Harbor Park and Northport Park. Two lovely spots filled with ancient trees, flowered paths, and wide green lawns that slope down toward the water.

And if you prefer a little nautical flair in your photos, we can wander along the piers of the marina to watch the sun set over the sparkling water.

Wherever you choose to just spend your afternoon or take your wedding photos, you’ll love every sweet, charming inch of Northport Village.

We would love to meet you there.

Northport Village is a great place for wedding photos on Long Island.

North Port Village

Northport, New York 11768