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Sunken Forest and Sailors Haven Marina is one of our favorite spots to visit on Long Island is really two places in one.

Found on Fire Island just off the South Shore of Long Island, this fascinating place is one of the most beautiful, unique locations you could choose for your engagement photos.

The Sunken Forest, a 50-acre preserve in the middle of Fire Island National Seashore.

It is home to an incredibly rare stretch of maritime holly forest.

It is a primeval relic of the early days of the continent.

Photos taken here will truly be one of a kind, the Sunken Forest is the only one of its kind on the East Coast!

But more than being just rare, it is also incredibly beautiful.

A 1.5 mile boardwalk takes you on an enchanting ramble through the entire forest.

You’ll feel as if you are miles away from the real world.

You can only get here on foot or by ferry from Sayville.

You’ll truly be able to steal a private, romantic moment together, no one around but you and your sweetheart.

Beyond the forest, the path takes you down to Sailors Haven, a charming marina and beach on the north side of Fire Island.

As you come over the dunes here, you won’t be able to resist tossing aside your shoes and getting your feet sandy.

With wide open beaches, long wooden piers, and a sky that goes on forever.

There’s no better place to finish a day that you’ll never forget.

Are you ready to capture beautiful memories at the Sunken Forest and Sailors Haven?

Sunken Forest - Sailors Haven

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