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Mansion At Timber Point

Head south on the Great River Road towards Timber Point and you’ll find yourself at one of the prettiest spots on Long Island, the Mansion at Timber Point. Overlooking the Great South Bay, this scenic spot is the perfect place for picturesque Long Island weddings.

The Mansion is located on a 300-acre estate of beautifully manicured grounds. Here, the rolling green hills slope down toward the water, giving you a perfect view out over Fire Island. The Mansion itself is an elegant colonial building. It is surrounded by all sorts of picturesque spots. Terraced brick patios, a cupola covered with vines, formal boxwood gardens, and a pretty white gazebo overhung with the branches of an old cherry tree.

The building is full of historic charm, including stately fireplaces, large staircases, and floor to ceiling windows that let you enjoy the view even from inside. Their banquet hall can accommodate up to 250 people. The staff provides every assistance possible in crafting your perfect day. This includes custom lighting and decor, floral arrangements, indoor and outdoor ceremonies, and of course gourmet catering.

We’ve photographed weddings at Timber Point in each of the four seasons. We’ve seen the grounds with snow and bare branches, and we’ve seen them with rolling green hills and bright, blooming cherry blossoms. No matter what, it is a stunningly beautiful location, where the sky seems to go on forever and the guests just can’t stop smiling. It’s a spot for an unforgettably lovely wedding!

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Mansion at Timber Point

98 Great River Road

Great River, New York 11739

Phone: 631.581.0022