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Ocean Beach Fire Island is the perfect location for a beach photo session.Your engagement photos aren’t just a reflection of a single moment in your life. They should show your personality, your relationship, and what the two of you love. If your favorite spot to be is on the beach, that’s where we should go! And we can’t think of a better, more beautiful beach spot than Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach is located on Fire Island, the 32-mile barrier island that runs parallel to the southern shore of Long Island. Arriving here is like stepping back into the Long Island of the past: a classic, old-fashioned village. In Ocean Beach, you get around by foot or by bike instead of by car. Ice cream parlors advertise their flavors during the summer on the street, colorful wooden deck chairs are placed along the sidewalks, and at night the whole town is lit up with street lamps and twinkle lights.

But the best part is the waterfront: a full mile of sandy beaches and wooden piers, wide open and waiting for you to kick off your shoes and come explore. During the afternoon, the ocean sparkles with sunlight, but our favorite time to be there is just at sunset. The entire sky is lit up with red and gold, and as you watch the sun sinks towards the water, the perfect backdrop to a perfectly romantic moment. There’s no better place to capture the beginning of your wedding journey than Ocean Beach Fire Island.

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